Living In London

Big Ben at Night

Covent Garden Christmas Lights

Carnaby Christmas Lights

Dirty Bones Restaurant

Last year (still sounds crazy to say) I made the big move to London to start my university degree. I was filled with excitement, dread and a lot of nerves but this was all I had ever wanted. The reality, however, was nothing like I expected. The loneliness, missing my family and constant money worries made me want to drop everything and move back home, but I made a promise to myself that I hadn’t worked so hard during my previous studies to give up now.

When I look back now, the first term literally flew by and being 3 days into the second term I can see my first year of university being over in a flash. I’ve come back to London after Chirstmas and New Year with a much more positive attitude and I’m even feeling pretty upbeat about life – something I couldn’t admit or say to myself a couple of months ago.Β Yes, some days I’m still filled with anxiety but I know it won’t last forever. Sometimes I just have to take a step back and realise what an amazing city I’m living in, and how incredibly lucky I am to have this opportunity at such a young age.

Serpentine Gallery

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Big Ben from the Southbank

Neals Yard Covent Garden

Katie x